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Inatangan ng Kaaraman

InKa (Inatangan ng Kaaraman) is a modern Babaylan (Filipino Shaman) group located in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines, founded on April 26, 2015 by Babaylan Adlaw and Babaylan Datu. Their mission is to share their knowledge of healing, divining, and rituals with individuals who deserve to be initiated as modern Babaylan, and to revitalize the importance of the Babaylan tradition in modern society. InKa provides a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to explore their own spiritual practices and connect with the traditions of their ancestors. They value integrity, nurturing, knowledge, and authenticity in their interactions with members and the community, and are committed to ongoing education and training to deepen their understanding of the Babaylan tradition.

Classes and Workshops

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Energy Healing
Candle Burning Ritual
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Divination is the art of discovering what will happen in the future through the use of tarot reading, dowsing, scrying, and other divination methods. We teach our students how to properly use divination tools according to the basics and by also learning how to tap into their innate psychic abilities.

Spiritual Healing

This is a fundamental part of our practice because a person can’t be a Shaman without knowledge about spiritual healing. In this course, our students learn the basics of healing common and complex physical and spiritual diseases through the use of their own energy, nature, and Shamanic rituals.

Spell Casting

This is only a minor subject but it should not be disregarded because it helps us manifest the things we want. However, spells should be used wisely as they can make or break our coven. Therefore, we guide our students to conduct rituals using a set of tested and proven principles that we created through our more than a decade of experience in the craft.

Psychic Development

We cannot just rely on divination tools as this can give inaccurate answers to our questions. By guiding our members to properly tap into their psychic powers, they can effectively use the divination tools that they are comfortable with to thrive through life’s complexities.

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