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InKa (Inatangan ng Kaaraman)

InKa is a group of modern Babaylan (Filipino Shaman) located in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines, that was founded on April 26, 2015, by Babaylan Adlaw and Babaylan Datu. Their mission is to share their knowledge of healing, divining, and rituals with individuals who deserve to be initiated into this spiritual path.


Core Values:


I - Integrity: InKa holds itself to a high standard of ethical conduct, and always strives to act with integrity in everything they do.


N - Nurturing: InKa values the nurturing of individuals who are seeking knowledge, healing, and spiritual growth. They provide a supportive and inclusive community that encourages personal development and self-discovery.


K - Knowledge: InKa values the knowledge and wisdom of the Babaylan traditions, and their commitment to sharing this knowledge with others. They strive to continue learning and growing as practitioners, and to empower others through education and mentorship.


A - Authenticity: InKa values authenticity and individuality, and they recognize that each person's spiritual journey is unique. They encourage individuals to embrace their true selves and to find their own path within the Babaylan tradition.

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