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Classes and Workshops

In-person Classes and Workshops

Our classes and workshops are exclusively for official members of InKa who undergo a thorough assessment. We offer these sessions every last Saturday of each month at InKa's covenstead in Bacoor, Cavite from 8pm to 11pm.

Our mentors and founders, Babaylan Adlaw and Babaylan Datu, will be covering the basic to advanced knowledge using traditional and modern spiritual practices in the Philippines.

Our classes and workshops cover a range of topics, including divination (such as tarot reading, scrying, palmistry, and more), spiritual healing (including Babaylan healing methods, Reiki, pranic, and more), psychic development, and spell casting. 

Members of InKa must complete a 7-year apprenticeship, and once initiated as a Babaylan, they will be given the authority to lead their own group to teach more aspiring Babaylan or Filipino Shamans. 

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